About us

Poplar Care is committed to making a change in the lives of people with disabilities through our various assistance services. We made sure that these services can be tailored fit to their needs so we can put a smile on their faces and enjoy living their life.

Our story

Driven by our passion to transform lives and make an impact, we will support you so you can follow your lead, smile and live life to the fullest.

Poplar Care is a registered NDIS service provider serving the Adelaide metro areas and Mount Gambier. Our services include disability supports like personal care, household cleaning, home gardening, companionship, transportation assistance and more. 

All of us at Poplar Care Group are dedicated to giving you the best quality support and care because our goal is to make you do the things you love and continue to live freely. We believe that YOU are the only one who can LEAD your life. We exist to fulfil our purpose of creating an impact that will make you feel confident, independent, empowered and included in society. 


Support & Care





Our Vision

We envision a world where people are motivated and inspired to make an impact and do what they love the most. Through the service we provide, we see a future where our support workers feel fulfilled by influencing persons with disability to be included in society and empowered to lead their life.

Our Mission

It is our goal to let you lead your life. We exist to make an impact and change lives for the better. Through Poplar Care Group Pty Ltd, we will enable you to do the things you never thought you could — either for our employees and for NDIS participants.

Our values to make you smile

Good people create good vibes. At Poplar care, we build a safe space for both the support workers and NDIS participants compelled by our three main values, so that each of them can influence others to be a better person and live life to the fullest.

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Poplar Care observes integrity within its workers and in its clients. It is through integrity that we can provide the best service for our clients and help them achieve their goals better.



We are passionate about putting a smile on your face. It is our advocacy to help brighten the lives of those who are already lost motivation because of their abilities. We believe that everyone deserves to live their lives to the fullest.



We always practice being respectful to our clients and even within the organization. By respecting others, we are able to understand them better, especially clients, because we can only truly listen if we respect one another.


In our commitment to integrity, we also observe transparency to better serve the clients. We keep them looped in to help develop their skills and to let them know about the progress they're making.